Laura Vanderlinde is a dynamic and expressive artist working in Vancouver, Canada. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, her work is imbued with vivid colour and bold design. It engages the mythical realm of Africa while it honours and beautifies the function of the everyday form.

Laura's inspiration is a fusion of urban intensity, grid freeways, striking skyscrapers, colour and pattern of African animals, flora and textiles. She celebrates the intersection between first and third world cultures as she re-engages the essence and symbolism of Africa into a new expression. Rhythmic patterns, refreshing colours and playful textures are synthesized on the canvas of the contemporary domestic vessel. This is how Laura records her cultural identity.

Laura explores the function domestic objects play in fulfilling our emotional and physical needs. "Pottery is a craft that has a lot of heart. Handmade work has a unique energy and I believe the user at some subconscious level can feel this. The intimate experience of eating and drinking using handmade objects enhances the senses with form, colour and texture. Utilitarian ware is used in an intimate way - lips touching the rim of a mug, fingers gripping a handle, cradling a bowl in the hands. The sensual and nourishing aspects of eating very much inspire her artistic practice.

Laura's humorous and curious character is infused into her work and will bring intrinsic appeal into your home. The whimsical and delightful pieces will complement your table bringing warmth and pleasure to your meals.